Trinity Multi-media Access Tips

How to connect with Trinity Baptist Church, Sun City Center sermons and services over the Internet from various Internet-connected devices


Did you know ----

you can listen to and/or watch our morning services, special Messages from Dr. Tom or weekly sermons

seven different ways, from anywhere in the world, from any device that can connect to the Internet?

You can watch live during service times, or listen to and watch replays going back, in some cases, more than five years.

NOTE: ***** You Can Listen LIVE during Service Times Using The Player on our Media Page *****


Our Podcasts are audio-only replays of sermons. Podcasts can be listened-to on any device using a browser or an APP.

This can include desktop or portable devices, PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads or Android smartphones, tablets or Chromebooks.

Note that the device must have a network connection either through your cellular carrier, your home router Ethernet cable or WiFi.

Podcast (audio) broadcasts need at least fair connectivity while watching (streaming) video requires very good connectivity (lots of bars).


Geek Tips #1 - Listening to Trinity Sermons

Did you know – you can listen to almost any sermon from Trinity Baptist Church for the past three years – or more?


To access these sermon podcasts from anywhere in the world – where there is Internet access (WiFi, Smartphone or other connected device) just do the following.

From a mobile or portable Apple device (iPad, iPod, iPhone, etc.) find the Podcast button icon, it usually looks like this -  

Press or tap that and Search for Trinity Baptist Church Sun City Center, FL. Our podcast channel will have a graphic that looks like this --  

Tap that and you will be taken to the Trinity podcast channel where you will find more than 300 Episodes (sermons). They are normally listed by Newest First but you can change that by tapping the settings Gear on the podcast page and selecting your preferred sort method. Find a sermon you would like to listen, tap that episode, turn up the volume and ENJOY the Word.


Listening to sermons from a non-Apple mobile/portable device (Android, Google, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, etc., etc.)

Easiest way – use the Google Podcasts APP. Free to download from the Play Store.

On your Android device download or look for the Google Podcasts icon, it looks like this –

Once installed, tap on the icon.

If this is the first time using Google Podcasts you will be presented with a screen to Add your favorites.

Tap on the Search symbol at the bottom of your screen (looks like a little spyglass) and type in Trinity Baptist Church Sun City Center. You’ll see a suggested list and we will be listed. Tap on our name.

You will be taken to a list of Podcast Episodes (sermons) typically sorted newest to oldest.

Tap on the sermon you would like to listen to, turn up the volume and enjoy a word from the Pastor.

Note that sometimes the very latest sermon is not uploaded until a few days after the service, but we get to it ASAP.

For devices that don’t have or don’t have the ability to have an APP, you can use a browser on your device. On most non-Apple devices this will probably be Chrome, Edge or Firefox. Most Apple devices use Safari.

Tap the chosen Browser and in the Search or Address bar type in Or just click here.

You will be taken to our website Home page or presented with a list of suggested web pages. You’ll find ours on there.

Once at the Trinity Home page (nice beach scene), depending on your browser, you will either see Tabs across the top, down the side – or you might see 3-4 horizontal (menu) lines on the left of your screen – have to scroll down a little sometimes.

Tap the MEDIA tab or tap the menu bars and then tap the word Media.

Next (might look like the same beach scene) scroll down the page a bit and look for Click here for all of our sermon podcasts. Tap that sentence and you should be taken to our Buzzsprout Trinity Baptist Church podcast page. You’ll recognize the graphic when you’re there.

From this page you can scroll down or across to the episode you’d like to hear and listen away.


Geek Tips #2 – Service Video Viewing Experiences – Based on April 5, 2020 Morning Service

B.L.U.F. (Bottom Line Up Front)

All streaming platforms are working. Links to those platforms are:

Trinity Baptist at Sun City Center YouTube Channel:

Trinity Baptist Facebook page:

The website, the MEDIA page:

The MinistryOne Church APP. Go to the Google PlayStore for Android or the Apple APP Store to download. Install it, make sure you’ve got good connectivity and in the APP click on the SERMONS tile to watch live during service times or to pick a replay to watch from those listed in the APP.

We don’t have a link to our Roku channel because it’s not a browser accessible service, it’s available on a Roku TV or any TV that has a Roku streaming device attached. If you have Roku capabilities, just SEARCH Roku for the Trinity Baptist Church Sun City channel.

For our Sunday morning, April 5 2020 broadcast we had more than 250 live viewers from all platforms combined. Including replays since then we have had more than 450 views of the morning worship service.

We broadcast/stream on many different platforms to make it as easy as possible for as many folks as possible. Different platforms perform better under different circumstances.

But all platforms require maximum data connectivity/speed/bandwidth/throughput for the best experience.

We need to thank the Praise Team, accompanist Patty Stanley and Pastor Tom, as well as the AV Team (Bill Reeves, Debbie Fanning & Larry Fitt) for an outstanding job on our worship services.

We received several comments about no audio. Bottom line is – the audio is going out from Trinity just fine. If you can see the video but can’t hear audio, change something on your device. Some browsers or APPs automatically start with audio cut off. To fix that, scroll down to the bottom of your browser – the active video screen – and look for a speaker symbol. Make sure that does NOT have an X on it and that the volume slider is all the way up. Click on it to fix. This will solve most no audio problems. Otherwise check the speaker/volume settings on your device.

Some users reported the YouTube channel worked best and some reported excellent experiences using the Edge browser, Frontier FiOS Internet and the Trinity website. Most users reported good performance on Facebook and quite a few had good luck viewing through the MinistryOne Church APP.

It would be helpful, if you have an excellent experience, if you could send some details to  .

Specifically we would like to know:

  ● What network you were connected to (Verizon, AT&T, T-mobile, Frontier, Spectrum – or someone else)?

  ● What device you were using (smartphone, tablet, PC, iPhone, iPad or something else)?

  ● What application you used for viewing (a browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge - or an APP such as MinistryOne Church, YouTube APP or Facebook APP)?

Be as specific as you can in a brief description. We’ll tally up best experiences and use that to inform others.


PS We are sad to inform you that the Complaint Dept. at has been quarantined and will be unable to respond to complaints for the foreseeable future ๐Ÿ˜‰


Geek Tips #3Summary Recap and Easter Service Edit

First – we have edited the Easter service video to correct a minor audio technical difficulty in the beginning, and to make an edit requested by Rev. Bob. Please check on YouTube for the edited version, or click on this link . You can also find the edited video on our Vimeo site here.

RECAP – past key points

You can watch Trinity Services many different ways.


The Trinity Baptist Church SCC website:

Look on the Media tab for various links to live and archived videos as well as Podcasts.

There is also a link on the Media page to an audio plyer where you can just listen to the live broadcasts – if you don’t need the video or perhaps have a very limited data connection.

YouTube – currently performing best of all platforms

You can link to our YouTube channel directly from our website – click on the YouTube icon on any page.

Or find us from a browser by typing Trinity Baptist Church Sun City on YouTube into your Search Bar. You’ll find a link to our YouTube channel there. Or just click on this link.

We encourage you to SUBSCRIBE and Like usif you do ๐Ÿ˜Š


Just search for Trinity Baptist Sun City in Facebook or click on this link.


You need a Roku TV or any TV plus a Roku streaming device plus some Internet WiFi link.


MinistryOne church APP on a mobile or portable device.

You can download that free APP from your favorite APP store or check them out from their website.

If you’re in the mood to just listen without video or maybe you have a poor internet connection, check out our audio-only Podcasts.

You can find us using the Apple Podcast APP or the Google Podcasts APP – available for your mobile/portable device from the appropriate APP store, both free.

Or go to the website, Media tab and scroll down to where it says Click here for all of our sermon podcasts. These links play sermons only.

We also have an audio only player on the Trinity website>Media tab>scroll down to where it says Click Play > Below for Audio Only Live Broadcast - and click on > (play) when we’re Live.

And don’t forget, if you have video but no sound it almost always is because your browser/viewer came up muted. Scroll down and look for the speaker icon with the X on it and check that.


Geek Tips #4

Did you know ….

YouTube continues to be rated the BEST way to view Trinity streaming videos LIVE. Facebook is a close second.

You can link to our YouTube channel directly from our website – click on the YouTube icon on any page.

Or find us from a browser by typing Trinity Baptist Church Sun City on YouTube into your Search- Bar. You’ll find a link to our YouTube channel there. Or just click on this link: 

We encourage you to SUBSCRIBE --- and Like usif you do ๐Ÿ˜Š

YouTube is available through a browser as in the above example or it is available as an APP, which can be downloaded from your APP store (Google Play Store or Apple store). Once the APP installs, click on it and fill in whatever is needed then search for Trinity Baptist Sun City. Our Channel will show up. You don’t have to, but it works best if you SUBSCRIBE - and remember to LIKE   us  if you do. You can also Post COMMENTS on each video.

A Great way to watch our services, if you have a Smart TV or a streaming add-on device such as Amazon Fire-Stick or Roku, is to get into the YouTube APP on those devices from your TV, then Search for the Trinity Sun City channel as above and click on our videos – Live or Replay. On my TV it looks GREAT – and the sound is too!

Las thing – folks continue to report being able to see the video fine but getting no audio. 99% of the time this is because your video viewing software or Browser has started the video with the sound turned off. That is not something we can control on the broadcast end. You need to scroll down to the bottom of the video window and look for the small Speaker icon near the left side; looks like picture below if it’s OFF:

 Click on that to UNCHECK (or remove the X from) the speaker. Then adjust the sound level on your device as you normally would.


Troubleshooting Your Internet Connection

You can view (video + sound) or listen (sound only) to our services and messages from the Pastor on any device that can connect to the Internet. You can watch a service or Message live or watch & listen to archived/saved broadcasts. In our second week of live streaming more than 400 people viewed the Sunday service and an average of 110 people viewed each Pastor’s Message broadcast – live and replays. You can watch replays anytime but to watch live you must watch during service times, currently 10:30 on Sunday and 10:00 each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Special broadcasts such as the Good Friday service will be held as announced in the Informer – 10:00 Friday April 10 in the case of our Good Friday service.

We have tested this from many different phones, tablets, PCs and Macs. You can view our videos on devices that use operating software from Android, Apple or Microsoft (Windows). You will know if your device is an Apple or Windows device. If it’s not either of those, it’s probably an Android device (Chromebook, Amazon Fire, phones from HTC, Motorola, ZTE and Samsung plus others). If you have a Roku TV or streaming device, you can even view our broadcasts on the Trinity Baptist Sun City Roku channel. But connectivity is very important. This is often described as bandwidth, throughput, speed or how many bars; more is better.

To access our broadcasts on your device you will need either a browser (Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, AOL, etc.) or an APP such as YouTube, Facebook or the Ministry One Church APP – and good connectivity.


Checking Connectivity on Your Device

The best way to check your connectivity is to open a browser (see above) on your device and in the SEARCH bar type Ookla Speedtest. You don’t have to download or purchase anything so ignore any such prompts or adds. Once the adds all settle down, click on the round circle with GO in it.

Looks like this:  


After the tests run you might get various results but the important part of that looks like this:

This is very good connectivity. This test was run from my home PC connected directly to my Frontier router.

Here are results of the Ookla test run from my Verizon cell phone at the same location as above:


Note the higher PING time and lower speed numbers, but this is still representative of a more-than-adequate connectivity. You should have no problem viewing videos or listening to podcasts with anything below 120 in PING and anything above 2.0 in DOWNLOAD. UPLOAD doesn’t really impact you much on viewing or listening but, as with DOWNLOAD, a larger number is indicative of better connectivity.


If DOWNLOAD is below 1.0 you are probably going to have difficulty – ranging from jerky video to abrupt disruptions or lockups in the video/audio.

Another less precise but useful test of your connectivity is to open one of the browsers listed previously and enter or in the SEARCH bar. If the Google or Trinity home page takes more than about 4-5 seconds to completely load everything – adds, pictures, etc., you are likely to have problems viewing our broadcasts or archived videos. The problem will be worse on Live broadcasts than on replays. If it takes more than 10 seconds to completely load (or paint) these pages you are probably wasting your time with that device from that location with that connectivity. Note that even though either of the Ookla results above are acceptable for watching our videos, both tests were run from the same PC at the same location. In the first case I was connected to my Frontier router with a cable. In the second case I was connected via WiFi to my cell phone Hotspot over the Verizon cellular network to the same (Ookla) Internet site. The critical Download speed was almost ten times better connected directly to my router than connecting to the Internet through the cell network.

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